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Who we are?

Kinniya Vision is a leading Local Non-Governmental Organization working in Sri Lanka. This organization was founded in May 1996 by a group of intellectuals with the aim of supporting war affected poor and marginalized families to improve their living conditions. Kinniya Vision has been working in Trincomalee district initially and expanded its activities into other districts in the Eastern Province. The major focus of the organization is to empower rural communities to realize their potentials to overcome poverty and dependency. In order to achieve this objective, Kinniya vision has been engaged continuously in social research and studies including development consultancies and has implemented number of relief, rehabilitation and development projects in Sri Lanka, particularly in the Eastern Province with the funding assistance of the government, UN agencies and International Non-Governmental Organizations.   

During the last 15 years of existence, Kinniya Vision has emerged as regional leader and catalyst in supporting rural communities to mobilize and utilize their latent capabilities and talents to promote self – reliance and break the cycle of poverty in many rural areas.

The chief Executive Officer with wide range of qualifications and experiences provide direction and oversight for all Kinniya Vision activities. He has also established and maintains very good relationship with Government Authorities and International Development Agencies. The Executive Committee consisting of the president, Vice president, General Secretary, Treasurer and five members provides strategic direction and policy guidelines for the organization. The executive committee also receives the technical advice and guidance from the advisory committee selected from experts of various fields. Kinniya vision also has a pool of consultants who assists the organization to execute special development assignments. Besides these, Kinniya Vision is also supported by a strong team of program and support services to execute day to day Program and administrative activities.

Fully equipped Head Office, the Vocational Training Institute, Computing and Languages Training Centre, the Research and Development Center, Auditorium & Residential facilities and business Center serve the entire operations of the Kinniya Vision.

Our Vision

To be the best local Non-Government/Not for Profit Organization in the region in  empowering rural poor and Marginalized communities and in the optimum use of local resources with the active participation of people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute towards raising equitable and peaceful world by facilitating the process of educating and empowering marginalized communities and disadvantaged groups to participate in the socio, economic and political process.

Kinniya Vision currently focuses on the following programs:

• Education
• Vocational Skills Development
• Livelihood Development
• Rural Infrastructure Development
• Development Studies/Consultancies and Social Researches








Phone: 0094 262236791
Fax: 0094 262236997
Address: No-104, First Lane, Batticaloa Road .
Kinniya 03, Sri Lanka.